ORIGIN 27 August 2021 - End of 2023


The historical Angli building – which constitutes part of the present-day Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum – is located on the outskirts of Herning.

The inner courtyard of the circular Angli building expands 1,000 square metres, and the walls are covered with Carl-Henning Pedersen’s ceramic masterpiece The Play of Imagination around the Wheel of Life from 1966-68. Up above is nothing but the blue sky and below only the green grass, beneath which Carl-Henning Pedersen’s ashes were laid to rest in 2007.

For decades this unique space has held significance in Danish industrial history as well as in art history. As of August 2021, the inner Angli courtyard has housed the new work of sound art ORIGIN created by Danish composer Ditte Rønn. The official launch of the sound artwork was part of the 3rd Herning Opera Festival.

ORIGIN is both discussion and interpretation of The Play of Imagination around the Wheel of Life. It is activated by motion sensors at the courtyard entrance and greets visitors through a 14-channel loudspeaker system placed on the roof of the surrounding circular Angli building, cloaking them in wall-to-wall sound.


ORIGIN and The Play of Imagination around the Wheel of Life is open to the public and free of charge.


ORIGIN is part of The Art and the Sound 2020-2022 project – a creative and creating meeting between painting, theatre and music.