Abstract Women... Else Alfelt and Marianne Grønnow




March 7, 2015 - August 30, 2015


Abstract Women is an exhibition about two deeply original Danish artists who, despite their many differences in traditions and expression, both worked with abstract painting in a way that has challenged established notions in society.


The abstract starting point, nature, and repetition

Nature as a feeling and a notion is a reference point in Else Alfelt's art as well as in that of Marianne Grønnow. While nature and natural formations plays important parts in the works of both artists, their motives are not the straightforward depictions of classic landscape art. Alfelt's and Grønnow's nature belongs to the borderland  between the real and unreal. It is abstract, spiritual and conceptual rather than concrete. 


Repetition is a common technique for both artists. It is through repetition that the imagery is transformed into the domain of the abstract, and the borders between natural-unnatural, real-unreal become blurred. The technique is evident on many levels: In the inidivudal artwork, in cross-references between them, and in the frequent divisions of paintings into series.