A Fabulous Encounter - H.R.H. Prince Henrik and Carl-Henning Pedersen



From 26 June 2022


Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelt’s Museum is pleased to present the sculptures of H.R.H. Prince Henrik in dialogue with paintings by Carl-Henning Pedersen in the exhibition A Fabulous Encounter. The exhibition takes its starting point in the eponymous exhibition from 2017-18.

The basis for the exhibition is the permanent inclusion of a significant number of H.R.H. Prince Henrik’s popular sculptures. The official transfer of ownership took place on Saturday 25 June 2022 when Her Majesty Queen Margrethe visited the museum. Furthermore, Her Majesty has generously loaned several of H.R.H. the Prince’s sculptures from her own private collection to the museum. These can also be viewed in the exhibition.


A Fabulous Encounter

A Fabulous Encounter is the artistic meeting between the monumental sculptures of H.R.H. Prince Henrik and the fantastical imagery of CoBrA painter Carl-Henning Pedersen. It is also a meeting between two magical worlds where we as viewers are led along the winding roads of imagination to a new world where fables live side by side with reality, and dreams come true.

Neither artist depicts reality as is, but in each their own way creates a profoundly personal and imaginative universe that may be rooted in reality but ultimately belongs to the world of fantasy and fairy tale. We see it in H.R.H. Prince Henrik’s animals and other creations, that exist only in the borderlands between reality and fable, and in Carl-Henning Pedersen’s dream-like paintings, where time and place unite in images of eternity.

 Step into the fantastical worlds of H.R.H. Prince Henrik and Carl-Henning Pedersen and be ready to walk among mythical creatures and powerful beings in a vibrating universe of art.


Carl-Henning Pedersen and H.R.H. Prince Henrik at the opening of Carl-Henning
Pedersen’s exhibition at the Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki, 1968.



We owe a debt of gratitude to:

The Royal Family

The Carl-Henning Pedersen Foundation

Jacobsen Group

Thygesen Textile Group

Jørgen Schou Holding

Advokatfirmaet Christian Kjær

Bestseller Retail Europe

Kjolefabrikken af 1961

The Ege Foundation

The Færch Foundation

The Lysgaard Foundation

The Johannes Jensen and Helle Mau Jensen Foundation

The Knud Højgaard Foundation

The Hede Nielsen Family Foundation

The Midtjysk Skole- og Kultur Foundation

The Municipality of Ikast-Brande

The Municipality of Herning