Opening May 25, 2019



This exhibition tells the unique story of an inspiring life together, with Carl-Henning Pedersen’s watercolours and Sidsel Ramson’s photographs from their many travels. A life based on love and artistic interaction between her photojournalism and his fabulating imagery.


In “My Life’s Adventure” from 1855 H.C. Andersen wrote “To Travel Is To Live”. Traveling was also an essential source of inspiration for the painter Carl-Henning Pedersen and the photographer Sidsel Ramson throughout their 30 years together. Their many travels to strange climes and other cultures, where they each expressed their impressions - he in color-saturated paintings and watercolors, she in narrative photographs - resulted in an exciting dialogue between the two artists.


Where she, with her camera lens, comes close to people in situations of everyday life, celebration, war and poverty - pictures that are also surprisingly current today - he reproduces in his colorful watercolors the light, warmth and alienation in his fantasy art. For him, travel was associated with painting watercolor - and that was his form of diary.


 With parallel diary portraits country by country, the exhibition gives an insight into how the painter and the photographer translated their experiences into individual artistic expressions in a loving interaction. Watercolors, not previously exhibited, and well-composed, dynamic photographs fill the walls.




                                                                                    Carl-Henning Pedersen, Jerusalem                                                                                                                                          Sidsel Ramson, Haiti